What’s the difference between coaching and consulting?

Coaching and consulting are similar in that both will help you grow your business.

Coaching tends to focus on your client facing activities: how to get new clients, how to deal with existing clients, Scripts, dialogues, situational problem solving.

Consulting focuses on the parts of your business that you probably don’t think about or, in some cases, just wish would go away. I like to think of it as the back end operations that make your business run. The part your clients don’t see but makes a difference on how you work with them and their experience with you. Your systems, your processes, streamlining all your activities so you are only doing what’s most important to you.

Unlike coaching, I work with each client in a unique way.

My goal is to make sure that how we work is customized to your business. We discuss where your business’s soft spots are. Not sure where they might be?
Don’t worry, I’ve got tools to pinpoint where your biggest ‘at risk’ areas OR the key area(s) we should work on first. That’s the benefit of having someone who can work to your needs vs following a formula or script.

Why is having an efficiently run business even more important during COVID?

Real Estate has changed as a result of COVID. Many agents are worried about their income. Lots are doing deals out of desperation as opposed to doing what’s in the client's best need. Buyers and sellers are busy, even busier than before; they have different concerns, needs and how they want to interact with us has changed.

Given that no one is able to predict the future on how real estate will be impacted, it’s even more important now to make sure you are running a business that is cost efficient. One that doesn’t have excessive costs, or unnecessary steps that could be costing you money and taking you away from time with your clients. Because that time with them, making them feel important is what is going to separate you from the other agents which are just concerned with “getting their next deal done’. Their model is short sighted. Your model can be for long term.

What program is right for me?

The best way to determine which program is best for you is to go through my specialized business analysis too, which we will discuss during our consultation call. Once we have done that we can discuss the results and figure out the best way to move forward. One great thing about consulting is all the open communication, nothing is hidden, we talk about every option, so that you are informed to make the decision that is best for you.

If you want to get started with the business analysis - Book a Free Consultation Now!

What is the business analysis and how long does it take:

The business analysis is a tool used to determine where your business is now and where there are areas for improvement. I will guide you through a series of questions and exercises to chart a course of action. This could take anywhere between 1-2 hours. Based on the outcome of this analysis we will discuss what areas are of most importance to you.

How long does each program take?

The amount of time it might take will be dependent on a few different factors:

1. Which areas of your business we are working on
2. The number of areas we are working on
3. Your availability
4. Your desire to move forward

It could a few months, or depending on what you decide you would like to accomplish, it could be longer. The more committed you are to the process the easier and faster you will start to see the results. Don’t worry, since I am a real estate agent myself, I know that life is busy. That’s why I have also created systems to make the implementation for you super easy and smooth.

What are the costs?

Each program has a different cost depending on which areas of your business you would like to work on, and how you would like to fine tune them. As each client’s experience is customized, the price will vary. 

During the free consultation, we can discuss your needs and expectations. If you are interested in moving forward we will set up a time to do the business analysis to figure out what plan works best for you. Once we have completed the business analysis I will be able to provide a full quote.

What do I need to have prepared?

After we have had our initial call, I will send you information about what to have prepared for the analysis call. Depending on your area of focus, I might ask for more information. Not to worry – we will make it easy for you.

What do I need to start?

Best place to start is to book a call. We can have a conversation about some of your goals, some of your concerns and what the next best steps for you are.
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