What’s your time worth? Part 2

We've already talked about what your time is worth, and how to calculate what your task rate should be. But what about the things that seem like a waste of time, but end up being really important? What you do during your workday typically  falls into three categories: Things that are a good use of […]

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Time to take a closer look

Let’s talk self-auditing There's nothing like a good audit to get your juices flowing, am I right? Believe it not, no, I'm not joking. Completing a self-audit is one of the most helpful (and satisfying) tasks you can do, and one of the easiest ways to give your business a facelift while keeping costs low. […]

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Plan to make a plan

Or at least plan to read this I get it - creating long, complicated plans for work can be boring, time-consuming, and way too overwhelming. Isn’t it more productive to actually do the work? The importance of a great plan can't be overstated. It helps you stay on course, eliminate the stuff you don’t need […]

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Do you need professional help for your business?

Time to bring in the pros You got into real estate because you were good at buying and selling homes - right? So why are you also trying to design a website, choose your business cards, and photoshop the company holiday card? Just like you tell your clients, it might be time to hire a […]

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What’s your time worth? Part I

Can you afford to hire yourself? Being self-employed, our income is never steady, and never a sure thing. We often find ourselves trying to do every task ourselves just to save a few dollars - but is that actually costing you more money? Consider what you could be doing instead of all those small tasks. […]

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