The Benefits of a Real Estate Consultant

Do you want to grow your business as an agent? Or maybe you’re wondering how to take things to the next level and start diversifying your income stream. No matter what the specifics are, when it comes to putting some of your hard-earned money toward outside expertise, coaching and consulting are two options that will […]

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Are you with the right company?

The right questions to ask yourself There's endless options when selecting the right brokerage for your career, no matter how new or experienced you are. Do you go with the tried-and-true big names? Or try a smaller firm? The right office depends on a number of factors, from where you are in your career, to […]

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Don’t make your problems your client’s problems

5 tips to inspire confidence While your clients might not be mind readers (although, that would really help with an offer price...), chances are, they’ll feel rushed or uneasy with the process if you're not organized.  When things are busy, there are lots of details to remember, and if you’re feeling rushed, every worry and […]

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The importance of building a good database

And keeping it that way “Database.” Sounds scary, right? Like hours of inputting data to set up, and then (this is the worst part): you’ve got to maintain it. But, a good database can mean the difference between knowing a client just had a baby, and asking them, 'So, when are you due?' the next […]

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The key to great relationships

And how it can help your business If you know Rachel likes to text, and Eli hates phone calls, it can help cement great relationships that will see you through multiple home purchases. I've talked about the importance of a great database here, but I can't reinforce it enough. But beyond a great database, how […]

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When was the last time you Googled yourself?

It might be time to get digging You do it for your dates, your daycare, and any home repair company - but when was the last time you searched your own name? You can bet that any savvy client is going to do an in-depth online search, so it's important to beat them to the […]

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5 reasons your personal brand matters

Why you should brand your biggest asset: you You may think your award-winning smile is enough to win you clients - but consciously or not, your clients are drawn to your brand - not your dentist's hard work. Brands aren't just for big business - and they're more important than ever when it comes to […]

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Making your tools work for you

Automation: not just for robots Find yourself stuck with what seems like endless small tasks for your clients? My friend, it's time to automate those small jobs! The best way to do it? Spend the time (or have a professional do it for you), and set up a process that takes all those repetitive little […]

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5 pieces of email advice

Things have changed No one’s inbox is immune - email is definitely the preferred communication for work, and we’re all getting hundreds of emails a week. How do you make yours stand out? While I can’t ensure your email will get replied to in a reasonable timeframe (I’m no magician), I can help you create […]

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Tired of your work life running your social life?

It doesn’t have to It's a classic scenario - you've got important plans you made weeks ago, when a client wants a last-minute showing.  You:  a) Cancel all your plans immediately and book the showing. This could be it!b) Tell them you'll book something for next week, and risk losing the sale. c) Wait... there's another […]

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