About JD Consulting 

At JD Consulting, we know that you want to be a top performing agent. In order to do this, you need a new way to work. The problem is there’s always so much to do and a million things happening at once. And it’s stuff that most agents have never been shown how to do effectively. We understand how frustrating and exhausting this can be. And why so many agents feel stuck, overwhelmed and scared to grow their business.

Technically speaking, this means we are going to improve how your business performs. We provide expertise in strategic planning, white glove client experience, database management (or for most agents, database implementation), systems to help you delegate, hiring assistants and all other administrative tasks. So you can save time and money.
Jen Dumitrescu

It's Never Too Late to Start Improving

"After 15 years of experience as a real estate agent myself I wanted to help simplify the process for other agents. We all got into business with a dream to work less. Be your own boss and make unlimited sums of money. The reality has been different, but there’s no time like the present to change the direction of your business and your happiness."
Jen Dumitrescu
CEO & Founder

About Jen

  • Native of Toronto
  • Over 25 years of Sales and business experience
  • 15 Years in Real Estate
  • Mentor to new agents
  • Author of How to Run A Successful Real Estate Business
  • Additional Accolades
  • Avid traveler
  • Exploring chef
  • Terrible baker
Contact Jen at Jen@JDConsult.ca
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